2020 In Hindsight - Side View Mirror

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    Ecosm the Inevitable (Main Theme)
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    From the Space-Rock Opera of the same name. We were BDOC for a weekend in the Spring of 1980! :)

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    Little Ditty of Love
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    Written when I was 15. Tim Cain (Sons of Champlin) on that magic saxophone.

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    Mary Is Spoken For
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    Tim Cain (Sons of Champlin), bored from the pandemic like the rest of us, asked if he could play on this. As he is a lifelong idol and dear friend, I was thrilled. And oh my god, that solo...

    Tim Cain on Sax

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    Truly inspired lyrics by my sister, Rosy Penhallow.

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    Julie Brown
  6. 7
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    My old band "Timmy" used to rehearse across the way from Huey Lewis. This is not my usual wheelhouse, so I feel I may have picked it up through the bay doors, as it reminds me of "Stuck With You". Though too many jazz chords for the News. heh.

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    Pinecone on Black Velvet
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    This is about "the one that got away".

  8. 9
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    My punk-ish side.

  9. 10
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    Kind of a Tubes influence. Was working with Vince Welnick around that time. Vince was a hero, mentor, and hell of a nice guy.

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    Nuclear Affair (reggae version)
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    Originally a progressive rock number of John's, got the idea to reggae it up one day.

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    I Consume Sharoom
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    My silly, um...

  12. 13
    Sea Captain
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    I had a dream one night...

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    LDL (Alternate Version)
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    Not only did Tim Cain (Sons of Champlin) play unbelievably great sax, but neighbor and dear buddy Jimmy Hobson (Celine Dion) played the shizzle out of the drums, and produced this beautiful version.

    Piano and Bass: Peter Penhallow

    Sax: Tim Cain

    Drums and Production: Jimmy Hobson

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    And Only Love You
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    This is dedicated to our feral matriarch, April, aka Boo Boo the cat.

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    Wrote this when I was 18, in full Todd Rundgren mode.

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    Back into Reality
  17. 18
    Stop Making Noise
  18. 19
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    Kind of my signature piece, about a very close relative...

  19. 20
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    Don't ask me why, but this thing inhabits my brain from time to time... thus...

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    A Doctor in Spite of Himself
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    Written for the summer farce of the same name. Another piece that is very much me.

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    Big Wheel
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    I was practicing Bagua, Taoist circle walking, one night. Roommate Jim says, "He thinks he's a big wheel, he's walking around in circles!" Boom! A song was born! heh.

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    Dedicated to my "PT Angels", Kim, Jen, and Ravena, and all the folks at CPMC Davies.

Let's see...
*Feb 1 - I had a stoke.
*March 16 - We sheltered in place.
*Nov. 3rd - We voted in a new president.
Because of my stroke, the pandemic and election were like side shows.
With my stroke, I could have easily had my brain wired to my resentment circuit.
For some reason, it got wired to my funny bone, to my joy and gratitude circuit.
There were many blessings.
My biggest takeaway: an extremely happy retirement.
I mean, like, what did I do to deserve this?
I could never have fathomed in a million years that one day I'd have nothing to do but play with the wonderful recording toys/tools that they keep coming up with these days!
I have gotten 10 times as much recording done as I did in 2019.
And as much as it is a list of 2020 accomplishments, it is also really a recapitulation of my life, as most of the tunes were written in my teens, 20's and 30's.
I am loving retirement!
I humbly present to you,
2020 - in Hindsight -  Side View Mirror.
Please enjoy.
My other 2020 pet project: Bach-ish-ness.